private reiki 1 course

Reiki College not only gives group lessons reiki 1, but also private courses! You can do a private course on your own, or with your ‘own’ group, for example with friends or family.

In the private course reiki 1 you will become familiar with reiki. You learn to feel and experience what reiki is and what it can mean for you. Upon completion of the course you will receive a certificate and you can give a complete reiki treatments to yourself and others.

Reiki in the first degree (reiki 1) is mainly about healing yourself. You purify yourself and your energy, so that blockages can be cleared. You learn to get in touch with yourself: with your body, with your essence. You learn to experience the universal life energy because your energy channel is opened again during the reiki initiations.


The first day of the course lasts about three hours. During this day you will receive four different initiations from the reiki trainer. These initiations ensure that your energy channel is opened, so that you can experience and apply the reiki energy. The initiations are interspersed with exercises and a piece of theory. For example, you will get more information about the origin of reiki.

You will also receive a home assignment, in which you will treat yourself for three weeks. This ensures that the energy channel can flow well and you can remove blockages on the physical level (for example head, neck and back complaints).

Three weeks after the course day we meet again, during a return where you receive more information about the chakra’s en aura. You will learn how to treat other people and what you have to take into account. The return takes about one and a half hour.


The reiki 1 private course is online via Zoom. You will receive a zoomlink with your confirmation.


The reiki 1 private course costs 385 euros per person. This includes an information folder and a certificate.

Would you like to sign up for the reiki 1 and the reiki 2 private course? Then you can use the package discount. Both private courses can then be purchased at a rate of 780 euros!

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The reiki 1 private course has no fixed dates: we plan these together based on availability, so that you can choose a day that suits you. Register here!