Reiki 3b (Reiki Trainer) Course

The Reiki 3b course, also called Reiki Trainer, is for people who would like to teach Reiki themselves, and initiate others. The Reiki 3b Course is a personal development trajectory of about a year (consisting of ten modules), where you will be coached and guided in giving initiations, Reiki courses and workshops.

It is a personal development trajectory, where you will work intensively on yourself by developing your skills and expanding your knowledge. These are individual sessions, which will be scheduled together. In addition, a number of days are planned for, among other things, a workshop, an initiation day and the Reiki 1 course day, in which you teach a Reiki 1 course yourself.

After obtaining the Reiki 3b Course you will receive a certificate (Reiki 3b degree) and you will be able to teach Reiki yourself, i.e. train and initiate people.


The Reiki Trainer Course is a private course.

Private course
Reiki Trainer Training at Reiki College in Den Hoorn, Zuid-Holland or online.
Including course material and certificate.
Including coffee/tea, goodies and lunch at course days.
Trajectory of an average of one year.
The rate for the Reiki Trainer course consists of a fixed rate of € 600,– downpayment when you register, plus a monthly rate of € 175,– for the duration of the course (until you have obtained the diploma).
Our course conditions apply to all courses


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