About Winnie

On this page you can read more about myself, my background / education and the activities I undertake besides Reiki College.

In addition to Reiki College, a practice (Praktijk YOU) where I help people to deal better with various subjects, such as (high) sensitivity and giftedness. My knowledge and experience with my own children comes in very handy here. In my practice I also help people with stress complaints, overstrain and burnout to (again) get in balance and stay closer to themselves – in order to be able to experience the happiness of a life in balance again. The different techniques I use in my practice include Talk Therapy, (Family) Constellations, Naturopathy, Reiki, Mediumship. A fairly unique, but very powerful combination to be able to guide my students and clients on their path.

I have followed various courses (Holistic Therapist, Reiki Master, Naturopathic Therapy, and Platform Accreditation in Demonstrating and Speaking in England) to be able to deal more consciously with my sensitivity and to get to know myself better. This has been very valuable to be able to help my own children in particular, and ultimately others.

As a child I was quite shy and very sensitive, especially to the atmospheres and expectations of others. Often I could feel very well what was going on with others. My sensitivity was not always understood and not appreciated by everyone. By adapting, I was eventually able to find a way in this. After the birth of my children, my sensitivity became even more intense. My children mirrored me in this and made me even more aware of it. They are the reason that I have started to develop my sensitivity further and embrace it.