You can go to Reiki College for education in all Reiki degrees: Reiki 1, Reiki 2, Reiki Master (also called Reiki 3a) and the training to become a Reiki Trainer (also called Reiki 3b). Our way of teaching is accessible, personal and loving.

The different Reiki degrees

The Reiki degree indicates the degree to which you have been initiated.Click on one of the Reiki degrees to read more about it.

Reiki 1

Become familiar with Reiki and learn to treat yourself and others physically.

Reiki 2

Learning to treat on an emotional and mental level, treating at a distance.

Reiki Master

For those who want to incorporate Reiki in their life. Learn to heal on all levels.

Reiki Trainer

Teaching Reiki yourself? Then follow the training to become a Reiki Trainer (Reiki 3B).

Group course, private course, physical and online

You can follow a Reiki course at Reiki College in different ways. Most of our courses are group courses. We keep our groups relatively small (a maximum of 6 persons) to ensure there’s individual attention and enough time for questions.

However, if you’d like to experience a Reiki course alone (or with a friend or family member), it’s also possible to book a private Reiki course.

Most group courses and private courses can be done online (Zoom) or physically at our training location, depending on your preference and/or circumstances.