Mediumship for beginners

Discover how information about others comes to you, learn to use these intuitive abilities and amaze yourself!

During the course mediumship & intuition you will get to work to discover your intuitive abilities. How do you get information when you try to feel energy from someone else, or from an object? Broadly speaking, we follow a program as follows.

First I make sure, with the help of various exercises, that you get completely ‘in your body’. From that relaxation I help you connect with your ‘higher self’. From there we will see if you can learn more about the student opposite you.

How does that person feel? What is going on in his/her life. What (life) questions does that person walk around with? What kind of work does he or she do? What makes him/her happy? You’ll be surprised how much you can find out by using your intuitive abilities!

Do you feel it? Do you get colors or images? Or do you just “know”? Everything is possible. We will determine how the information comes to you, and also how you learn to assess the reliability of the information.

Knowing and addressing your intuition is the first step to mediumship and creating a contact with deceased loved ones is the next step. In the course mediumship & intuition we slowly work towards this, so that you can make contact with deceased loved ones in a loving way.

What kind of exercises can you expect during this course?

  • all about colour theory
  • reading auras
  • psychometry
  • read tarrot cards
  • read pictures
  • psychic & mediamic readings
  • Meditations
  • Healing
  • and much more….

Morning Course Beginners

The next morning course for beginners starts on Wednesday morning
March 8, 2023. The course days last from 9:30 to approximately 12:00. The course dates are as follows: 8 and 22 March, 5 and 19 April, 10 and 24 May, 7 and 21 June 2023.

Rate and registration

The costs for the morning course are 400 euros. This is the total amount for eight course mornings (if you are absent for one or more course days, this does not entitle you to a refund). Included in this rate are drinks, goodies, an information folder and the participation certificate.