Trainers wanted

Since I founded Reiki College, I have initiated hundreds of people into Reiki and I have been able to use my knowledge, experience and intuition to help people further gain insight into what is needed to become healthier, more powerful and happier. It makes me proud and immensely grateful!

Recent years I have experienced as a big development. Not only for myself, but also for my company. In addition to giving training in the various Reiki degrees, I have developed several courses, workshops and practice evenings and given them to students who were looking for more depth in Reiki-related topics.

The Workshops and Reiki Courses are well attended. That is why I see the opportunity to expand Reiki College and to work with a team of several Reiki Trainers. At the moment I am training some Trainers. In addition, I am looking for Reiki Trainers who would like to assist me in the near future in giving and guiding the various Reiki Courses and Workshops.

Would you like to join Reiki College as a Trainer in the near future and are you already in possession of all Reiki degrees and your own practice? Please contact us and we can get acquainted. You reach me on [email protected]

How do you become a Reiki trainer?

Are you not yet a Reiki Trainer, but would you like to become one? The first step is to book a Reiki Course! Go to the calendar to see when you can follow the next Reiki Course!